Once a prospective candidate is selected we arrange the selection test by the foreign principal or representative. We are capable in finding the ideal candidate that you require. In the event the representative from the foreign principal is coming to Sri Lanka to conduct the interview we arrange travel, accommodation and other requirements. If the foreign principal requires us to conduct the interview we will conduct it with the support of professional executives.

Once the candidate is selected we conduct orientation program where the candidate is familiarized with work culture of the company he or she is going to work, industrial practices, safety rules, labour laws of the particular country and other relevant matters. We have with us excellent data bank for all industry segments and we know how and where to find the exact employee.

We completely eliminate time wasting procedures for our clients to go through all the applications. Almost you can keep confidence on us that we can stay focused on your needs every step of the way.

All recruitment activities in Sri Lanka for overseas employment are governed by the Rule and Regulations of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE), which is affiliated to the Ministry of Labour, Established under a Special Act of Parliament by the Rule and Regulations of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE), which is affiliated to the Ministry of Labour, Established under a Special Act of Parliament to Overseas Employment. It is under the direct purview of His Excellency The President Prior approval from SLBFE in mandatory to carry out overseas recruitment in Sri Lanka for which the following documents are require. (Specimens are available on request)

  • Electronic Wakala
  • Demand Letter
  • Power of Attorney
  • Recruitment Service Agreement
  • All above documents must be on the “Client’s Official Letter head bearing official Stamp /Seal and duly signed by an Authorized Officer, preferable endorse by a Government institution i.e. The Chamber of Commerce, Foreign Ministry/ Embassy or Higher Commission.

    Recruitment Procedure

    This procedure as given below ensures an effective and efficient flow of activities to provide you a professional service of high standard.

    Step: 1

    On receipt of employee vacancies from foreign clients, it is sent to the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment for initial approval. On approval of same, vacancies are advertised in print media and Electronic inclusive inform to sub agents which makes an exemplary effect on the targeted audience.

    Step: 2

    Appropriate applications are selected by qualified and experienced Recruiting Officer.

    Step: 3

    Selected applicants for vacancies in technical trade are given comprehensive trade test conducted by our expert Technical staff and the applicants are graded as per their competency.

    Step: 4

    Technical Trade applicants of individual grades are well trained in our industrial Training Institute enhances their know-how and skill in the relevant field.

    Step: 5

    Preparation of candidates for the final interview conducted by the Foreign Employer to select the best Candidate.

    Step: 6

    Complete medical exam selected candidates by the interviewer.

    Step: 7

    Obtain Visa

    Step: 8

    Completion of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment/ Formalities.

    Step: 9

    Departure from the Airport